Curriculum Vitae

Master of Fine Arts Degree in Poetry × May 2019
University of Kansas × Lawrence, KS

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English × May 2016
Mississippi State University × Starkville, MS
Minor: History
Honors: Summa Cum Laude

“The Woman to the Doctor.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2017). Online.
“Say Something You’ve Never Heard Before.” Rat’s Ass Review (2017). Online.
“Something Unpronounceable.” Rat’s Ass Review (2017). Online.
“The Good Shit.” Rat’s Ass Review (2017). Online.
“Tangled Roots.” 3Elements Review 14 (2017). Print.
“Grey Goose and Grim Grins.” Jet Fuel Review (2016). Online.
“Interim.” Jet Fuel Review (2016). Online.
“Whiskey’s Body.” Jet Fuel Review (2016). Online.
“Ephemeral.” 805 Literary Journal (2016). Online.
“Genocide.” The Quaker (2016). Online.
“Bioluminescence.” Mangrove Literary Journal (2016). Print.
“Death Likes Her Whiskey Neat.” Soundings East (2016). Print.
“How to Crash a Car While Not Driving.” The Streetcar (2016). Print.
“Account of Invocations.” Corium Literary Journal 21 (2015). Online.
“The Unburied Graves.” Belle Rêve Literary Journal (2015). Online.
“Ossuary.” Burningword Literary Journal (2015). Online.

“Shelled Locusts.” Spirit’s Tincture (2017). Online.
“Modern Witches.” The Nottingham Review (2016). Online.
“Deeply Rooted.” The Vignette Review 3.1 (2015). Online.

Anthologized Works
“Firmly Grounded,.” These Fragile Lilacs: Women’s Voices Anthology (2017).        Print.
“February 2017.” Rat’s Ass Review: Such an Ugly Time (2017). Web and Print.

Current Projects
Chapbook: “Whiskey and Water.” (In Progress)

University of Kansas
Composition I (ENGL 101) × Fall 2016 / Fall 2017
Composition II (ENGL 102) × Spring 2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant × August 2016—Present
University of Kansas English Department × Lawrence, KS

Freelance Editor × May 2016—Present

Intermittent Technical Writer and Editor × May 2016—August 2016
National Strategic Planning and Research Center × Starkville, MS

Undergraduate Research Assistant and Writer × August 2014—May 2016
National Strategic Planning and Research Center × Starkville, MS

Taproom Poetry Series. Eighth Street Taproom, Lawrence, KS. August 2017.
Freely Stated: KU Graduate Creative Writers. Phoenix Gallery, Lawrence, KS. October                   2016.
Poetry by Larry Eigner. Eigner Commemoration. Spencer Research Library, University of           Kansas, Lawrence, KS. September 2016.

Conferences – Presented
Dones, Maria, and Hannah Warren. “Crafting Works of Marginalized Resistance Through           the Reinvented Myth and Modern Fairytale.” Sirens Conference. Vail, Colorado.                   October 2017.

Conferences – Attended
Attended Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference, Washington D.C.
February 2017.

Harry Potter in the Academy Research Project × University of Kansas
Advisory Board × September 2017—Present
Member × April 2017—August 2017

Beecher’s Literary Magazine × University of Kansas
Poetry Editor × 2017—Present
AWP Committee × 2016—Present
Poetry and Fiction Reader × 2016—2017

SAGE (Student Assoc. of Graduates in English) × University of Kansas
Creative Writing Committee × 2017—Present
Events Committee × 2016—2017

Jabberwock Review × Mississippi State University
Poetry and Fiction Reader × 2015—2016

Winner of “Best Written Piece” with The Streetcar × 2016
Mississippi State University × “How to Crash a Car While Not Driving”

First Place in Undergraduate Writing Contest × 2015
Mississippi State University × “To Survive Uneven Hours”

Study with the University of Oxford × 2015
Poetry-Writing with Professor John Ballam