New Poem with Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Find "The Woman to the Doctor" here!


“February 2017” is up with Rat’s Ass Review

Find it here! February 2017   In D.C., I pocket my husband alongside my pictures, open-mouthed and filled with teeth. He says he doesn’t remember the city in the same way I do. Everything’s different. I’ve noticed there’s more water in Kansas than D.C. It seems like a lot of things should be fountains here, but … Continue reading “February 2017” is up with Rat’s Ass Review

“Tangled Roots” nestled with 3Elements Review

Find it published here! Tangled Roots She pulled away corn husks, the fine silk piling on her feet and masking cracked linoleum until the floor shone golden strands. Her father's hands hulled speckled peas and wrapped around the slender neck of his eighth bottle --quelling sounds but quickening the blood rush in her ears. When she … Continue reading “Tangled Roots” nestled with 3Elements Review

How to Crash a Car While Not Driving

  Scream. [1] Start a collection of model airplanes that your brother will rip into piles of wings, broken propellers, and non-descriptive metal bits you’ll still find in your bedroom carpet three years later. Feed your pet goldfish three tater-tots with ketchup and Dijon mustard. Listen to the sound something smaller than your thumb makes when … Continue reading How to Crash a Car While Not Driving